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The Week In Music History Jan 13-19, '19

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JAN 13: Eric Clapton played his comeback concert today in 1973 at the Rainbow Theatre in London. Pete Townsend of The Who had helped organize the two night concert to help Clapton kick his heroin habit. Others who performed at the concert were Stevie Wonder, Pete Townsend, Ronnie Wood, and others with support from The Average White Band. Clapton did later beat his drug and alcohol addictions and has played many concerts in support of organizations to help others with addiction issues.🎸 

JAN 14: On this day in 1966, David Jones changed his name to David Bowie. It was to avoid confusion between him and Davy Jones of the Monkees. 

JAN 14: Happy birthday to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and Nirvana, born today in 1969!🎉 In 2014, Grohl was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his work with Nirvana. He has also found tremendous success with the Foo Fighters, as four of their albums have won Grammy awards for Best Rock Album. 

JAN 15: Ronnie Van Zant lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd was born on this day in 1948. Van Zant, along with five others, perished in an airplane crash in Mississippi on October 20, 1977. He often said that he would never make it to see thirty years old. Van Zant was just 29 when he died.😢

JAN 16: Today in 1957, The Cavern Club opened in Liverpool. Many bands played at the famed club over the years including The Beatles (292 times!), The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Black Sabbath, Queen, The Who, and many more.

JAN 17: Hey, Hey today in 1966 NBC tv bought The Monkees series for its fall schedule. The show would run from September 1966 until March 1968. It follows the adventures of four young men trying to make it as a band. A number of innovative new-wave film techniques were introduced on the show. The show won two Emmys in 1967.

JAN 18: Today in 2016, Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away at age 67. He was the lead singer and frontman, as well as a founding member of the group. After the Eagles broke up, Frey enjoyed a successful solo career. As a solo artist, he had 12 songs reach the Top 100. Of course, the Eagles got back together in 1994 for their Hell Freezes Over tour. 😢 

JAN 19: On this day in 1980, Pink Floyd's The Wall began a 15 week stint at #1! It is the third biggest selling album of all time in the U.S. behind Michael Jackson's Thriller (#2) and the Eagles Greatest Hits (#1).

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