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MusicGoldmine Premium Item Details

Besides being amazing, truly rare pieces of music history, items marked as MusicGoldmine Premium Item in their listing, which are easily identifiable by the logo on their main photo like this example Premium Item example

include the following when purchased at full price (or such price as may be agreed upon by both us and buyer):

Authenticity Guaranteed.

Your item will include a Letter or Certificate of Authenticity from a third party authenticator plus any letters of provenance as indicated in the listing. It will also come with a Letter of Authenticity from and our lifetime guarantee (full details here).

Free, insured worldwide shipping. Details:

  • Your item will be carefully packed to the highest standard and will be shipped to you free of charge to anywhere in the world (a very few country exclusions apply, for example: North Korea).
  • During shipping the package will fully insured to the value of the price you paid.
  • Note that your item will be sent signature required and accordingly cannot be sent to a P.O. Box address. 
  • Please note: To utilize this benefit to a non-USA shipping address, please email referencing the item desired and your desired shipping address and we will send you a custom invoice showing free shipping. Please also note all conditions related to international shipments as detailed here).

Free lifetime repairs, if needed. Details:

  • When exposed to overly dry or humid conditions over time, the adhesives that hold presentation plates, record discs or other elements of vintage record awards (in particular) or collages can degrade, causing components to become dislodged.
  • Our team has extensive knowledge of the proper construction of RIAA white matte awards, for example, and will expertly repair any damage to your award or collage, carefully restoring it to its' original condition while retaining originality to the greatest extent possible.  
  • To utilize this benefit, let us know you need a repair done by email us at and get our "repair return authorization." Then you ship the item to us at your expense. We will then first advise you of the repairs required and get your authorization to proceed. Once that authorization is received, we will make the repairs in a timely manner at no charge to you. Then we will ship the item back to you, fully insured to the price you originally paid, at our expense.
  • Exclusions: Please note that more extensive damage cannot be repaired without utilizing replacement parts, such as, for example, when a glass front record award is dropped and the glass shatters in such a way that it has torn the matte or scratched the display record. We can discuss with you options but some repairs may require replacement parts that may or may not be available.

Questions about our MusicGoldmine Premium Item benefits? Write us at or call 702-805-4114.