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MusicGoldmine Premium Framing

Musicgoldmine Premium FramingWe take special care with the framed memorabilia collages and other pieces that we create that contain authentic original items. For these pieces we use special archival framing materials that will protect your investment and keep it looking great for years to come. We call this framing our MusicGoldmine Premium Framing. 

Note that sometimes we acquire pre-framed items and as such we cannot guarantee that all of our items will include these features. Those that do will have the note "Features MusicGoldmine Premium Framing" in the item description.

Here are the features of a "MusicGoldmine Premium Framing" piece:

  • All matte boards are made of 100% acid-free, high quality rag material.
  • Backing board is acid-free.
  • All other materials that come in contact with memorabilia items/photos/posters, etc. within the piece are acid-free.
  • ACRYLITE® UV filtering, mar-resistant acrylic glass to protect against harmful light and mars (we still strongly recommend keeping any memorabilia piece well away from sunlight/bright daylight).
  • Quality frames made in the USA
  • Authenticity seals will be left on all authenticated items in the piece. If the seal is on the rear or the item or hidden, this will be stated and photos provided in the item description.
  • Certificates or Letters of Authenticity will be provided with each framed piece that features (an) original autograph(s).