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MusicGoldmine Collector Guides: Knowledge Is Power

Posted by James Duncan on

Did you know here at we have articles and guides that can help you become a better-informed music memorabilia collector?

Here are some of our more popular collector guides and articles. Whether you collect record awards, autographed memorabilia, posters, handbills, ephemera or other collectibles, you'll find useful information here (click image to view each article):

MusicGoldmine Record Award Guide
Inside RIAA White Matte Awards: Determining Authenticity
Inside RIAA Floater Awards
Authenticity: 5 Tips For Music Autograph Buyers
Protecting Your Record Awards
Exploring International Record Awards
Authenticity: 5 More Tips For Music Autograph Collectors
10 Most Expensive Guitars Ever Sold
History Of The Beatles Book
Record Awards As Art - From Mild To Wild
Immortal Album Covers- The Story of Hipgnosis
5 Tips To Spot Fake RIAA Awards
10 Highest RIAA Gold or Platinum Record Sales
The Allure of Concert Handbills
Stellar Collection of Rolling Stones Items
A Brief History of Autograph Collecting
Kurt Cobain Unplugged Sweater Sets Auction Record
Latest RIAA Top10 All-Time - ACDC Rising
Concert Tickets and Passes - Small Pieces of Music History
RIAA Awards Fans Can Buy article
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