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Music Is Not Cancelled!

Posted by Lilly Duncan on

“Music is not cancelled!” It’s a theme heard around the world during these trying times. While it is true that you cannot go to a live performance, artists and performers are getting creative as they find new ways to bring music to you in your home.

Many artists are hosting sessions on Facebook Live, Instagram, Zoom and other social platforms direct from their homes simply to provide entertainment. The content varies from artists performing solo or collaborating with band mates from different locations. Others are getting more creative, showing their online audience how to play one of their famous songs. Also, many musicians are using their platforms to raise awareness and money for those affected by COVID-19.

Musicians have always been more than willing to help in time of need – anyone remember Live Aid, Live8, Farm Aid or “We Are The World”? Today the way artists are helping may not be through the conventional means of holding a day-long festival or getting a bunch of A-list artists together to record a charity song to raise money. Instead, artists are turning to streaming services, social platforms, and network television to bring their music to fans.

Not only have these events been successful in raising much needed funds for those affected by the coronavirus crisis, but they have also provided much needed escapism and entertainment to people at home.

We may not be able to go to a live show right now, but the music plays on!

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