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This Week In Music History May 24 - June 6

Posted by Lilly Duncan on

The week in music history brought to you by

Just a couple of highlights from this week in music history!

Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes

MAY 26: Today in 1981, Kim Carnes was at #1 with “Bette Davis Eyes”. It would stay at the top and end as 1981’s #1 song!

Charlie Watts

JUNE 2: Happy 80th birthday to Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones, born today in 1941!🎂 🥁 He joined the group in 1963 as not only their drummer, but also as the designer of their record sleeves and tour stages.

Steve Vai

JUNE 6: Happy birthday to Steve Vai, born today in 1960!🎂🎸🎤 He began his music career in an interesting way as Frank Zappa’s transcriptionist. He would then play in Zappa’s band until going solo in 1983.

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