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This Week In Music History June 30-July 6

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 JUNE 30: Happy 70th birthday to Andy Scott of Sweet, born today in 1949!🎂🎸 He joined Sweet in 1970 as their lead guitarist and backing vocalist. He has recorded solo albums and was the organizer of Rock Against Cancer. Scott is a cancer survivor himself. In 1985, he and Mick Tucker re-formed Sweet with new members. It became “Andy Scott’s Sweet” after Tucker left in 1991. 

JULY 1: Happy birthday to Debbie Harry, born today in 1945!🎂🎤 She began her music career in the late 60s as a backing singer. With the formation of Blondie, Harry would become a punk icon. Not only has she had a music career, but has pursued both acting and modeling. Currently, Blondie with Debbie Harry at the helm is on tour with Elvis Costello!

JULY 2: Today in 1991, GNR started a riot...well, really just Axl Rose started it. He saw someone in the crowd taking photos during a concert in St. Louis, so he proceeded to leave the stage. He did announce that it was because of “lame-ass security “ that he was going home. Bring on the riot where the band’s equipment was destroyed!🎶🎸🎤 

JULY 3: Today in 1971 Jim Morrison passed away.😢 He co-founded The Doors in 1965. It took them a couple of years to find success, but they finally broke through with the hit “Light My Fire”. His poetic lyrics and distinctive vocals continue to have influence over musicians today. He died in France.

JULY 4: Happy birthday to John Waite, born today in 1952!🎂🎤 Waite has been with The Babys and Bad English. His solo career spawned many hits, such as “Missing You” and “Change”. Waite is still out touring today! 
JULY 5: Happy birthday to Huey Lewis, born today in 1950!🎂🎤 He began his career in the early 70s and found fame in the 80s as lead singer of Huey Lewis and the News. In 2018, Lewis revealed that he was suffering from hearing loss and all upcoming dates for the band had been canceled. 
JULY 6: Today in 1972, Bill Withers was at #1 with “Lean On Me”. It would be his only #1 song. Withers childhood in West Virginia was the inspiration for the song. After he moved to LA he missed the strong sense of community he had growing up in the small mining town. 
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