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The Genius Of The Who

Posted by James Duncan on

Legends The Who are on tour this year with the two remaining stalwarts Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend out windmilling and delighting audiences with the many memorable tunes from the group's incredible body of work.

All of the members of the group contributed in key ways to bring the mostly Townshend-penned songs to life. Here are a few isolated tracks with examples of their creativity and instrumental prowess, with the other tracks stripped away so you can hear all the detail. 

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Check out Townshend's intricate guitar work on Who classic "Who Are You?" here:

And here's a sample of John "The Ox" Entwistle at work on bass on "Eminence Front" with Kenny Jones on drums. Especially good listen from 2 minutes on:

Lastly, the incredible Keith Moon pounding the skins on "Won't Get Fooled Again" accompanied by various clips of Moon playing:


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