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Led Zeppelin's John Bonham Isolated Drum Tracks: Thunderous!

Posted by James Duncan on

John BonhamHey Zeppelin fans, here's a treat. This video not only contains some cool old Led Zeppelin photos, it also features the isolated studio recording of John Bonham on 1979 track "Fool In The Rain." In it you can hear Bonham's thunderous technique coupled with his excellent meter and ghost notes as he plays a version of the "Purdie Shuffle" for this tune. Famed studio drummer Bernard Purdie (James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, many more) developed this namesake beat.

Back to Bonzo, he played these drum tracks at Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, where Led Zeppelin's In Through The Out Door was recorded. Note that he drops an "f-bomb" at the beginning of this recording. A second video without the f-bomb follows below for listeners with senstive ears, but if you want the full experience, please choose version A... enjoy!

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Version A (EXPLICIT intro):Led Zeppelins John Bonham Isolated Drum Tracks: Thunderous!

Version B (clean, also includes a snippet of what sounds like the intro to "When The Levee Breaks")

John Bonham photos by Dina Regine [sCC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Dina Regine / CC BY-SA


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